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i didn't expect special dialogue for putting "gay" in the "what did victor do" part lol


highly recommend made me smile <3


i loved this game, from the story, to the characters. to everyone who worked on this: wonderful job and thank you <3


Honestly probably the best VN in the "plays with the medium" genre I have ever played.

I loved it and heartily reccomend it.


This may be the best dating game I have ever played. The characters have their own plots and stories, including the protagonist! The goal outside of actual dating was cool as hell, and just fabulous. I loved this game and I hope you continue to publish games in the future (not sequels, just more of your take on video games) It was refreshing and fun, thank you!


I wasn't expecting to get as into this as I did, especially because I'm not really one for dating sims, but I really started to get into it as I started piecing things together and weird questions started popping up that I wanted answers to. The final act (post-auction) was surprisingly meaty, I had thought it was going to end shortly after that but was surprised it went on as long as it did. I wasn't too big a fan of the art, but the writing really strung me along, as it was genuinely funny and interesting. I also think it's worth noting that I played this with my sister, and funnily enough, we kept accidentally guessing plot points as jokes just before they happened. Not to say that the story is predictable, because it certainly isn't, we just had a lot of funny coincidences. I look forward to any sequel that may come someday!

I had a really fun time playing this! I was struggling at the end though because even though I typed in "stacy" and "h***d an _________" the game did not really understand what I was saying. Great game, loved the dialogue.

I wrote a review of this game as part of my yearly media round up on my twitter, that I felt would worth sharing here! This was one of my favourite games I played this year and I'm so happy to have found it on the racial justice bundle!


We just played this game, spread across three streams and over eight hours, and we loved it!

We thought it was interesting, insightful, thoughtfully constructed, and in some cases downright heartstring pulling.

Everyone who attended the stream loved it as well and we were solidly on the edge of our seats for a couple of those endings.

Thank you so much for making and sharing this game. All of the characters were both interesting and, in their own moments, completely sympathetic. 

We had a lot of fun developing voices for the characters and interpreting each of their stories.

If you want to see what we did with your highly enjoyable and beautifully relatable game you are welcome to check it out.


Thank you so much for sharing this, I really enjoyed watching your videos of the stream and am so flattered by how much you enjoyed the game!

We are really glad you enjoyed our playthrough. : ) Thank you for taking the time to watch it, we appreciate you spending your time on us.

It really was a great experience to play this game and we hope people continue to find and enjoy your work. 


Help I keep getting stuck on “what did Dux do?” I don’t know if I’m just phrasing it wrong but it won’t accept any variation of ‘hire an assassin’ that I’ve tried. 

There are a few different answers to this one that the game will accept, you can try "the idea" or "kill him" and those should work!

I really liked this little gem of a visual novel; "Who Killed My Father" was very creative and plot twisty, especially once you finished all the characters' routes. Ellis ended up being my favorite even though he was an _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ . I just wanted to pinch his cheeks from cuteness overload <3 <3 <3 Thanks for all the hard work that went into this game and good luck on any future projects ^_^

This game is criminally underrated and I'm upset I never played until today swedrtfgyhuijk

Ack, I'm stuck on one of the questions related to the Victor Date.


"What Did Victor Do?" is throwing me off a lot. I tried all that I can think of and just went through the date again and don't really know what to do. Any help would be appreciated!

Deleted 2 years ago

Hey, I'm stuck. I'm trying to put in the name of who hired one of the guys and it won't work. What do I do?

Are you sure you've got the right person and correctly spelled both their first and last names? The input system is picky about exact spelling, and for that specific question it will only accept that character's full name. It should work once you've got that, though!

SPOILER - I'm trying to put in Crispin's name, but I just keep saying his last name isn't Everett even though it is. 



 The name you should be putting in there is actually Anastasia's! "Anastasia Everett" is the only answer it will accept.

this is amazing

happy birthday wally

thank u

My friend and I are playing this game and we are mega addicted to it! Had to stop a little over an hour in after the first txt message part though,  and now we're scared of what's gonna happen once we get back into it :0 (wish we read the character profiles before starting whoops) 

Part 1 of my Let's Play of the game!

This game was simply wonderful. I liked all the aspects from the twists to the guessing. I liked the pure boi surprise and how I feel like I did things in the perfect order. I liked the concept. I can't wait to see what could become of this world.

These visuals look  fantastic!

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What a title, haha. Looking forward to playing this, looks interesting! Would you mind uploading a Linux build? (I can play it anyway so no problem, but it's always nice to have!)

Also thanks for having a plain text version of the character profiles instead of just the images! It's such a little thing but everyone only ever does one or the other.


Linux build has been added, thanks for the feedback!