Every day I look across the office floor 

There you are

Your hair down to your legs and your legs down to the floor

Leggy blonde, goodbye

- The Flight of the Conchords, Leggy Blonde

Your name is Morgan, and you live a very dull life working a very dull job.  The most interesting thing you have going for you?  Probably your elaborate daydreams about your beautiful and enigmatic coworker, the leggy blond. 

You don't know what would happen if you ever actually spoke to him, but you'd definitely die on the spot. 

But you're absolutely certain of one thing: he'd never go for someone like you.

A twine game made for ilujam about loneliness, nameless men, and when the two collide. Features multiple scenarios and 4 endings in total!

Made withTwine
TagsRomance, Text based, Twine
Average sessionA few minutes


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I must've played this fifty times from 2017 to 2020. I know because the writing is vaguely familiar each time I play, but my memory is so spotty that I sometimes have the joy of "discovering" each ending again.. and again.. I only just realised that this was in my Loved Games collection after finishing this for the 1st time in 2020, and then shortly realised that a comment is way overdue. 

Each ending is fun. The one about feeding off emotion has a special place in my heart, but what makes it better is the one talking about expectations because it paints the former ending in a whole different light. This year, I thought that no other ending could top the former, yet ironically the expectations ending subverted my expectations--again! That's why it is my favorite.

Something unrelated to the endings that I also like is the humor! Simple and sweet. And I really adore the leggy blond, every version of him. I can't help imagining his backstory if his true self is in the expectations ending ... but maybe not knowing is what keeps me fascinated about him? Just like Morgan. :P

It's also a definite inspiration about Twine's usefulness as a game making tool. With it you've made an interesting experience and as someone who's tried Twine before I feel like tackling a project of my own again. Thanks for sharing this, your writing is a joy!